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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spooky Singapore West Region: The Old Boon Lay Savoy Shaw Brothers Cinema

by Oregon Chang

Singapore itself has many haunted places, more than what you can imagine of. After all the history of Singapore that is known begins in the 1400s before the 1400s every single thing of this island is completely unknown. It is an absolute mystery that is totally unknown even till today.

Since Singapore's precolonial history to colonial history and until modern history of today, Singapore was once part the empire or nation of many. Singapore has many masters in the past. Many in the past waged wars to take down Singapore to be part of them.

As Singapore was once a war torn island in the past a very long time ago, there is absolutely nothing to be surprise of that how come a small island country like Singapore can have so many haunted place more that what you can imagine of.

Asiaparanormal will be sharing of some of the haunted places in the western region of Singapore starting from the Old Boon Lay cinema.

Basically this building is an extremely old building which is definitely far more than 30 years old as of today in the year of 2011.

Old Boon Lay Cenima 01

Once, this was a residential Cinema that served the folks of this area before the upcoming of major or mega shopping malls such as Jurong point came into existence.

However, since that point of time where this cinema was still active, the female toilet was already said to be haunted, based on our teams' understanding from the locals.

So what was the haunted thing about this place?

Old Boon Lay Cenima 07

Well, the female toilet of this place is often said to have green lights in the room where which there wasn't any green color lightnings or anysort inside the room in the very first place.

Before a person enters the toilet, from the outside green lights can already be seen in the inside of the toilet. But when you push the door open and enter, there is absolutely nothing “green” going on.

After a person leaves the toilet, the “green” will appear as if the whole room is being lighted up in green.

Even during the day time if you were peep at the female toilet from the window from the outside of the cinema, there will be times that people can still spot the inside of the room in green, completely !

Old Boon Lay Cenima 04

This “green” thing is anyways just the first thing of this female toilet that makes it haunted. There is still a second thing which is that a black shadow can often be spotted on the flooring of this toilet when you look at the doors at the below.

But when you however push the door open, there is absolutely no one behind the door everytime. Yet, this moving black shadow always appear and can be seen below the door of this female toilet whenever a person enter or exist the toilet and whether or not there is anyone inside of the toilet.

Old Boon Lay Cenima 08

Based on the Chinese interpretation, Green is the color of Hell ! In the Chinese Hell, the whole place is very dark and green in color.

In a lot of Stories, which spoke of portals of entering into the underworld in which this portal is location in the mortal world, it has always been said that such portals would be very dark and greenish in color, based on ancient Chinese folklores, stories, and supertitions.

Back then when this old Cinema was active, in comparison with the male toilet, this female toilet is always very dark and greenish in color in the inside of the room.

Could this be of a coinsidence or is there some truth in what the ancient spoke of?

Ever since golden village cinema inside of Jurong point came into existance, this Savoy Shaw brothers' cinema was shut down of business ever since.

The team of Asiaparanomal went to explore around to just take a look and taking down points and discovery we have make of this old and abandon cinema on December 26th of year 2010.

The below would be pictures of that Asiaparanormal has to share.

Old Boon Lay Cenima 06

Old Boon Lay Cenima 05

Tje above would a few pics taken in the inside of the theater. Was there some ghost orbs or was it that the lens of camera we were using, dirty?

Conclusion will be left to you, as a read to make.

Thanks for your support and for reading and be on the look out for more Haunted SG posting from us soon.


  1. hmmm very interesting, I used to live near here in the past, never heard of such ghost stories before though.

  2. hey how did you manage to take a photo of the inside of the theatre?

  3. An Anoymous Participitant of the tripJanuary 23, 2012 at 8:17 PM

    The Theatre is not even locked. A particular door is open.

    except for a chinese old man (hopefully, human) who is residing in the theatre alone all along which no one has seen him leave the theatre before, there is partically no one else inside.

    you can pratically just enter into the place openly anytime you like, just that you need to avoid the old man which is not difficult

  4. The theatre is still here. Wuth quite a number of ppl having their meals here due to the new mookata stall opening.

  5. My grandfather painted a picture of the Old Savoy way back in the 1940's. I wish there were a photo today that I could compare....My Grandparents and my mother and her siblings lived on Wilkinson Road before the Japanese took it over and threw my grandfather into prison for a few years. They lost everything. Their 2 storey home, furniture, clothing, the lot. My Grandmother and her children fled to Australia.


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