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Monday, February 21, 2011

UFO spotted in Singapore?

Recently a user who prefer to be named Anonymous submitted a series of photographs depicting an alleged UFO, taken by him and a friend in the vicinity of Jurong West Street 64 in Singapore.

Master Oregon note: Before you jump to conclusions, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. In this case, the subject in the photos is an "Object", is "Flying" and is "Unidentifiable". Thus it can be called an UFO. An UFO does not mean that it is an alien flying saucer or something similar.

In his own words, Anonymous described the UFO as moving steadily in a almost horizontal position. It flew faster than a balloon or kite, but slower than a aeroplane. Next are the series of photographs he sent to us.

Anonymous further describes that the UFO flew from behind the Centris block of apartments and disappeared somewhere blocks 664A and 664B.

In this screenshot of a map which we created based on his descriptions of the flight path of the UFO.

According to our analysis, we at Asia Paranormal observes the following points:

1) The park next to Jurong Point Shopping Center (as indicated in the bottom right corner of the map) is a haven for enthusiastics to fly electronic kites.

2) The object in the photos could have been one of those kites, but it is quite obvious that no one will fly the kite in such a flight path and trajectory.

3) Furthermore, Anonymous claims that the UFO just simply "disappeared"

4) To the best of our ability, the photos do not seem to be edited in any way.

5) The object appear to be real legitimate, while it does not seem to be a "spiritual" object, it does seem "man made" and "artificial".

6) Thus we are unable to form any concrete conclusions to this case, and thus will refer to this object as a UFO, but we are confident it is not a kite nor aircraft.

We invite our readers to form their own conclusions and write in or comment on Asia Paranormal blog.

UPDATE: One of our writers suggests it could be a lantern, i.e. a Kong Ming or Sky Lantern. It does seem to be similar looking to the one shown below, and it definitely fits in the time period of Chinese New Year. Perhaps someone celebrating Chinese New Year decided to set off a lantern?

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  1. impressive image, thanks for sharing the real information about this, is good to know there's people who really want to see the true.


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