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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Master Oregon's favourite Paranormal topics

Dear Readers, I am Master Oregon Chang.

These are a few of my favourite topics in the Asia Paranormal Blog. I personally find them interesting and would love to share them with you guys.

They are as follows :

1. Cambodia’s Khmer Magic War With Thailand

Do you believe in Magic?
Wars can be wage with the use of magic

[Click to Read]

2.Kuda Kepang (Kuda Lumping)

Perhaps new to you or perhaps not but many things are simple more than to meet the eye

[Click to Read]

3. Chinese Getting Rich trading with ‘Ghost’

Do you believe in Magic?
Cash earnned this way? You Dare?

[Click to Read]

4. 3rd door bunk of old Pulau Tekong BMTC

This is a very famous story for alot of Singaporeans who have been through the army

[Click to Read]

5. SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 1 -- The Spiritual Entity Comes In Contact With The Natural Strength Of Humanity

Do you ever have Sleep Paralysis experiences?
read it from a Holy Father of a Church. This is his personal story

[Click to Read]

6. SLEEP PARALYSIS INTERVIEW PART 2: Categories of People Most Vulnerable to Sleep Paralysis

Do you ever have Sleep Paralysis experiences?
read it from a Holy Father of a Church. This is the follow up of his exeriences.

[Click to Read]

7. Chinese Muslim Zheng He discovered America before Columbus

America was not in the first place discovered by Christopher Columbus but instead by a Sea Grand Admiral Zheng He, who was a Chinese Muslim as well as an Eunuch.

Do you believe it to be true?

[Click to Read]

8. 7 Ton Giant Jars Mystery of Laos

What are these Mysterious Jars left behind all about?

[Click to Read]

9. The Fearsome Chinese Ghost in Red

The Chinese may like red very much but at the same time they fear it too!

[Click to Read]

10. Methods to become the Chinese Ghost in Red

There are Methods to become a Ghost it Red that is feared by others and at the same time as a ghost in red you are very powerful !

[Click to Read]

11. Ghost Orbs Captured in North Wales, UK

What do make out of these so called Orbs in the photo?

[Click to Read]

12. China's Ghost Town Fengdu Vanishes

A town simply just vanish?

[Click to Read]

[Click here to read full article]


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