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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flying Girl in Russian Woods

Here's what you'll see: A man, speaking in Russian, is out in the snow-covered woods with his dog, Tarzan. The dog chases after something and the man follows. They come across an adult who is watching a small girl who appears to by flying or levitating about 10 feet above him. When they realize the man is approaching, the girl drops to the ground and they run off.

As curious as this video is, we can't imagine that it is anything but a hoax for a number of reasons, the main one being that people cannot fly. Aside from that, what is the guy doing out in the woods with his video camera? Does he always videotape his walks with his dog? Okay, so it's a hoax -- but a rather clever and entertaining one. So the question I have for you is: How do you think they did it? Was it done with wires? Or was the levitation trick accomplished with video editing software. What do you think?


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