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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Koreans Claims Legendary Chinese Warlord Cao Cao as Korean

As you may have heard, the tomb of legendary Eastern Han Dynasty warlord Cao Cao (155-220 AD) was recently claimed to have been discovered. It was said that he had 72 fake tombs to hide his true tomb and there is still some controversy that this tomb is really Cao Cao’s tomb.

As expected! Cao Cao ultimately becomes Korean si mi da
Following the discovery of Cao Cao’s tomb, enthusiasm over exploring the mysteries of Cao Cao’s tomb instantly rose up on the internet. With everyone discussing the discovery of the tomb to the grave robbers to the items and concubines buried with Cao Cao, and from these items exorbitant value to investigating the DNA of the remains, it can be said that the enthusiasm has become increasingly higher. Yesterday, a discussion forum shockingly reported some controversial news that people cannot help but be indignant. Let us take a look…

News from the 《大韩民报》 ["Da Han Min Bao"], Korea’s Ewha Womans University professor Zheng, while refuting that Cao Cao’s tomb is in Anyang [Henan] and following a discovery from Professor Zheng’s decades of research on Chinese and Korean history, said that the famously fierce Cao Cao from the late period of the Eastern Han Dynasty was actually Korean

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