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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jurong Crocodile Rumor

From Contributor : Mr. Chan ShiJie (陈世杰)

crocodile 1

A crocodile lifespan generally as to speak could be between the range from 45 to 100 yrs; though 75 seems to be the average lifespan! but it also very subjected to the type of species of the crocodile as well.

Before the development of Jurong which the earliest, was somewhere in the 1960s, Jurong Back then had another known name to many which was ..... The Heaven of the crocodile or what some also called it as paradise of the crocodile. (鳄鱼天堂, Buaya Paradise, मगरमच्छ स्वर्ग )


In this whole piece of land known as Jurong, the population of Crocodiles far exceeds the population of humans. Crocodiles can be very easily sighted everywhere you go. There is no such place which crocodile cannot be seen or found in Jurong back then.

But with the development of Jurong, the crocodiles of Jurong had disappeared, all except for perhaps 1 !

This one according to the local rumour which has been already for many years, resides in Jurong Lake. Till today this rumour still continues to exists and remain unproved true or false.

Jurong Lake 4

Rumor of Jurong Lake

However, there is one particular rumor concerning this lake and the crocodiles I earlier mentioned. The rumor of it is that, it has been said that there is a crocodile in that lake ! This rumor has already been pass down for a few generations ! It has not been confirmed by anyone on if the rumor is true or false, up to present and hence this rumor still continues.

Jurong Lake 6

Jurong Lake 5

Jurong Lake 1

There has been accidents that has taken place before around and in this lake and whenever such accident happened, people will link it to the rumor that , there could be a possibilities that the person has encounter the crocodile.

There has been people who went fishing or swimming and encounter some accidents before. All of the accidents by them were linked with the crocodile of Jurong lake base on urban rumors.

Sightings of Crocodile

Sometimes at night, based on rumors, some of the residents who lived in the HDB(s) or other houses near that lake had make claims that from their high rise storey that they had spotted crocodile appearing in that lake. But anyways these are stories based on rumors only.

How valid and true these rumors, stories and claims are up to present still remains a mystery not being proven by anyone yet ! That lake is very scary ! What really lies beneath that lake? Are the rumors true? Much about that lake is still unknown !

Urban Jurong Lake and Crocodile

crocodile 6

So beware the next time you are near to the Jurong Lake ! It is a Dangerous Lake ! A lake that is not so simple as it seems to be !

Has it ever even stumbled across to your mind on what has happen to those crocodiles back then? Well, it is a likely thing that many escaped back to Malaysia. Some ended up in the Singapore crocodile farm and zoo of Singapore. That was what that has been said to where all those crocodiles that inhabitant Jurong back has ended up based on the believes and sayings from people of Jurong.

It can be a very likely case that this Jurong Lake crocodile could be one of those not being captured and which still continues to breed in Jurong Lake, perhaps !

crocodile 7

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