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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Singapore's Haunted Places: Science & Feng Shui

Asia Paranormal is proud to announce a collaboration with Dr Ong Hean Fatt, the Feng Shui Scientist on this Seminar: Singapore's Haunted Places: Science & Feng Shui

This unique seminar is a new indepth practical approach to haunting with international scientific findings. Find out latest startling scientific findings on true nature and factors of haunting, e.g.:

*Scientific physical geography guidelines to identify areas in Singapore prone to haunting

*Haunting conditions cause sickness and even cancer. Learn how to deal with haunting!

*Special exercise to find out if you are sensitive to haunting!

*What you are going to learn may save your life or those close to you!

Based on scientific research analysis of over 50 haunted sites in Singapore through field visits, study of topography and geology maps. The haunting can be associated with hilly terrain and faultlines. Scientific factors include winds, infrasounds, radon and piezoelectricity.

Program Outline:
*Scientific Physical Geography Features of Haunting in Singapore Coffee Break
*Feng Shui of Haunting in Singapore as Practical Criteria to House & Office Buying
*Astrology of People Sensitive to Haunting: Can you stay in a haunted place?
Coffee Break
*Practical Scientific Treatments and Remedies for Haunting Problems
*Special insight: Enigma of Singaporean boy lost in Fraser’s Hill, June 2005.

Hurry! Seats may be limited.

Seminar: Saturday October 27, 2012, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Venue: To be confirmed

Fees: S$350 pax, Meals and Lecture notes included

Free complimentary ebook to Early Birds/members

Early Bird Special: Register before 15th August and quote "Asia Paranormal" and you will get an early bird discounted price of S$250

For enquiries, please email to guiunicorn@gmail.com or click here for more details

Thank you from Team Asia Paranormal.


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  2. The haunting can be associated with hilly terrain and faultlines. Scientific factors include winds, infrasounds, radon and piezoelectricity.
    feng shui singapore


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