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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daoist (Taoist) Magic and Sorcery

What I do know however is this; In ancient China there were two types of magic being used in the Taoist world, one that is known to me by "Taoist white magic" and the other "Taoist black magic" .

White magic users were reputed to have the abilities of what you may have seen in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for example, flying , healing/transferring qi to a sick person , moving their internal organs at will ect. ect. ect.

Black magic users on the other hand preferred to be deceitful and used spells and curses against their foes summoning dead martial artist and evil spirits, and demons so that they could inhabit the summoners body and fight for them and steal your opponents QI

why Taoist made Black magic is still odd to me some say it was because of the yin and yang principal or perhaps the sages were just bat-S@#$ crazy.

both used alchemy I think and texts like the I Ching is considered white magic

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