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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weird Coincidences of Vampire Crabs

Contributed by :  Chan ShiJie

  Weird Coincidences

 Why are Vampire Crabs called as Vampires ? Please be ensured of one thing, although they are called as vampires, they do not suck blood. Since that is the case, why are they called as vampire then ?

One possiblily could be due to their appearance.
They are one of the most colorific crabs to become available, regularly exhibiting orange, purple, red, yellow and black, and thanks to their red eyes, which become evident at sub-adulthood.

But again, it can also be the coincidence of vampires in our human culture.
First of all, each and every single vampire crabs have a very unique tatoo born with them on their shell, all at the exact same spot & angle of the exact same shape

this shape itself is the symbol for vampires

Next, they are purple in colour. Purple is itself a royal colour in ancient europe. It is the color that only the royals and nobels can wear and none others are allowed to wear.

Typically in european cultures of Count Dracula and other vampire stories, they are usually associated with the royals and nobels. The traditional uniform of Count Dracula does has purple colour as well. It is black on the outside and purple in the inside.

Thirdly , Vampire crabs are night creatures. They are only active at night. They are not active during the day. The way on how vampire crabs stalk and sneak to attack on their preys will only remind you of the way on how vampires prey on their victims in the movies.

Finally, direct sunlight is hurtful towards them

This 4 points itself is a weird coincidences by itself. How can it be so much of a coincidences ?
what do you think ?

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