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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Malay Weretiger General Knowledge

Harimau Jadian or Weretiger is also known as Hantu Belian. A weretiger is said to be originated from a person who has mastered the art of weretiger or it can be inherited from father to son. This type of spell enables a person to possess the ability to transform oneself into a tiger while he/she is alive or after he/she is dead. The original purpose of learning this art was for self protection. Just think of the fact that about a century ago, majority of the South East Asia areas are covered by forests. The most powerful creatures roaming about were tigers. Hmm… I hear you, but there are no lions around then.

Local folks believe that the weretigers have independent government with king, ministers, soldiers etc. It is said that the weretigers hung human hairs in front of their houses as a signature mark.

Many people believe that the weretigers are originated from Kerinchi in Sumatra. Folks over there possess the ability to turn themselves into real tigers. According to ancient stories, in order for a person to turn into a tiger, he/she must possess a piece of sarung with black and yellow stripes as if that of a tiger.

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