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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Spell that backfire ( Yahoo answers)

My love spell backfired help?
i put a love spell on a boy that i had a crush on

i put it so that he could not stop thinking about me
and would love me and would bind our hearts together

the words kinda go like this let his soul not rest till he love me....
but instead of him showing interest and liking me

he has given me mean stares
he used to like me
and also i think the spell has backfired - cuz
because i cried all night yesterday- i wanted him soooo bad...
i was getting all depressed and i just wanted him
in other words my soul seemed like it wouldnt rest in peace till i found him

what causes a to spell to backfire?


I agree with parts of the answers given here but the basic problem is that what you really wanted was to create a love zombie and "couched" it as a "love" spell! That just twists the energy and then the intention is not 'pure' as in undiluted!

Love for another person means you want the best for them, not to control them.

I suppose you are lucky he didn't turn out to be a stalker... just another way the spell coulda bit you!

LOL We dark witches have a saying,"Be careful what you wish for!"

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