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Friday, July 9, 2010

Divine Parrot in Singapore Predict Spain will win the World Cup 2010

UPDATES: Mani successfully predicted the four team that entry to the semi finals but Mani was wrong on one occasion that he predicted Uruguay beat Netherland... when actually the Netherlands beat Uruguay at 3-2.

Under this new set of condition... Mani made a new prediction. He has predicted that the Netherlands will win the World Cup when they play Spain in the final. (While Paul the optopus, another oracle animal predicted Spain will take home the world cup.)

A divine parrot named Mani in Singapore got fame because of FIFA 2010 World Cup 2010.

According to a local media press.
Mani had a success rate of 83% while
Paul had a success rate of almost %100.

According to a local newspress, this bird has a previous succesful hit rate of 83% on random predictions.

Many Singaporeans believe Mani than various websites and media predictions.

The divine bird had again predicted correctly that Spain will beat Germany in semi finals... In fact, Mani predicted that Spain will win the world cup 2010.

(Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage causes for any tips from this post. This is totally for references and entertainment purposes.)

This Parrot predicted the four semi finalists in the FIFA world cup correctly which was first reported in “The New Paper” SIngapore’s leading newspaper created ripples among netizens in South Asia.

Whether Mani The Parakeet gets world fame will be unfolded in two days. In the mean time you might also be interested to know Paul The Octopus which predicted all the German results accurately.



  1. I support Spain !!!
    World cup 2010 will be spain ole ole

  2. Fuck off !
    I say Netherlands will win world cup 2010
    The dutch will win !


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