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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getai fans alarmed when host suddenly wails and collapses at Hungry Ghost show

Stars performing at one of the biggest Getai shows of the Hungry Ghost season last night (August 12) found the show thrown into chaos when one-half of the famous Ming Zhu Sisters duo collapsed suddenly, wailing and sobbing incoherently.

STOMPer Ian was enjoying the Geylang Serai show from the side of the stage when he heard a woman wailing loudly and sobbing as if something terrible had happened.

He was shocked to see Zhu Li Li, younger sister of Getai duo Ming Zhu Sisters, sobbing uncontrollably as her stunned sister and colleagues tried to calm her down.

Despite he screams of protest, the getai veteran was carried out into the open field to get more air.

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