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Thursday, June 16, 2011

August 11th, 2011 Tsunami Prediction

My name is Jay Essex. Have you ever wondered where prophecies come from and why so many are wrong? Some of them are made up by people wanting attention. There are those with gifts who receive message from Souls or Spirit on The Other Side, Heaven, or what ever title you prefer. There's also a thing called The Akashic Records there. It's a living set of documents containing everything that has, is, and will happen and be said on this planet. There's also one for the Universe but that's for another article.

With this information available, why are so many prophecies still incorrect either partially or completely? It's the same thing with individual divination. These blessed people, helping others at little expense, receive their information from Spirit Guides, other Souls back home, or sometimes even Angels. Very rarely, almost never, is prophecy direct from Mother or Father Creator. This is where the accuracy issues often come from.

As many of you are becoming aware, reincarnation is simply a fact. All of you have to write your life plan with your Spirit Guide while on the other side and have it approved by the Council and finally Mother Creator, who is the feminine aspect of The One Creator, God, Source, or which ever name you prefer. Once Mother approves it you're in a baby waiting to be born.

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