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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mission Incredible: Al Qaeda Train Terror Plot Predicted by Secret Psychic Spies

An incredible development in the leaking of documents from the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound reveals that a plot had been planned for 2009 in the west. But that information had already been revealed due to information derived solely from psychic impulses generated through the Defense Intelligence Administration and released through the investigative program keeping tabs on the project.

When we first heard that a series of terror attacks on trains in 2009 had been planned, the date came and went with nothing of the sort occurring. The information was readily dismissed by western media outlets due to its source - information leaked from a spy network employing purely psychic means of information gathering. These psychic spies had spoken of a terror plot taking place in 2009 after remaining silent for some time. After the event information was not always forthcoming on why the prediction had failed. And by 2011 the event was all but forgotten.

But the site STARpod.org and PsycheLeaks resurfaced the information with breaking details that suddenly put a story that came out in 2009 in context now with new information confirmed on CNN and other major media outlets in 2011. The Al Qaeda terror plot had been planned, just as the psychics said - and was subsequently abandoned. This vindication for the Stargate program may mean future explorations into the power of human consciousness in the future.

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