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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reliable ways on how to Kill Monsters in the Philippines (Aswang)

There are many different real stories that happens in the Philippines in dealing with different ghouls and monsters. Killing these monsters are very difficult, one is they always escape very fast, second they real leave traces behind and third they leave the town where they live if they are failed with their target victim.
But there are many ways to let them get far from you are or save you from any possible attacks.

Fear of the aswang leads many to seek means of warding them off. Rural folk believe that burnt animal horns drive away aswang; that a sharpened bamboo called bagacay protects a sick person from the aswang's attentions. Aswang are also afraid of bullets, bolos, feathers and canes frighten them; and that ever-trusted garlic hung on doors and windows or hung as necklaces and crucifix kill the aswang.

Common sightings if there is an aswang or any monster that attacks, they always disguised as a huge bat and you can hear them they usually circling around the house of their target looking for a hole. In the Philippines people who are leaving in the remote areas their houses are just small nipa hutts and since there is no electricity in the village it is very easy for these monsters to crawl the roof tops and throw their sharped tongue, which is as thin as a niddle towards their victim.

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