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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is Ngee Ann City haunted?

Orchard Road/Patterson Road junction area used to be a huge Teochew cemetery called Tai Shan Ting. It is owned by the Ngee Ann Kongsi. Ngee Ann City, one of the biggest developments in Orchard is owned by the Kongsi. The Kongsi is a charitable organisation with it’s headquarters in Teochew Building at Tank Road. Wisma Atria, Ngee Ann City, Meritus Mandarin, Cathay Cineliesure Orchard stands on the site of the cemetery. An interesting fact about Orchard Road that not many people know of is an existance of a river beside Orchard Road.

The Stamford Canal, converted from a river, runs beside Orchard Road, in front of many buildings on the south side of Orchard Road, all the way from the Tanglin Road side, and out to sea at Esplanade. In the 1960s, the canal was widened and deepened to relieve flooding.The canal is covered up and is now the Orchard Road Pedestrian Mall, the super wide ‘footpath’! It crosses behind Phoenix Hotel, snakes over behind Le Meredien, in front of Istana and Plaza Singapura and between the two buildings of Atrium@Orchard and briefly emerges behind MacDonald House… ”

From what i heard, Ngee Ann Kongsi also owns Ngee Ann Poly. The place where NP situates currently, was a cemetary. This cemetary was removed and NP was built on it. But after NP was built, the old Ngee Ann city did not make money. The enterprise was loosing money despite it is situated at Orchard road. Hence Ngee Ann Kongsi went to look for Feng Shui master for help. The master claimed that he built NP ontop of the cemetary.

The removal of cemetary disturbs the ghost and hence they made him loose money. The remedy was to demolish the old Ngee Ann City and then rebuild a new one. The new one must be built in a tomb looking shape to “ji4 nian4″ (english poor) the disturbed ghost. So, if you look at the current Ngee Ann City, you will find that it looks like an old chinese traditional tomb. With 2 stone lions as Tower A and B, and the window where you look out of Coffee Club Express, is where the photos and carvings is. And also there are 5 flag poles that represent joss sticks. Infront of the flag pole is a fountain which represents wine. After it was built this way, Ngee Ann City is making money until now, its so popular. How true is it? I dunno. What are your views?”

The present location of the Ngee Ann City in Orchard Road was formerly a Teochew graveyard. If one were to stand in front of Paragon & look across, one will notice that the whole structure of the Ngee Ann City resemble a typical Teochew tombstone.

Most of the staffs working in that building have experienced weird & unexplainable incidents in the toilets, especially the B1, 1 & 2 toilets………….

It was a Saturday nite at around 10pm. All the shops have closed & I was hunting around for a toilet. I remember it was the level 1 toilet. The lights were partially off & those that were on were shining on the sinks & the first cubicle. I took the first cubicle, nothing happened until I was out. I was infront of the mirrors washing my hands when one of the last few cubicle was flushing. At that instance, I sensed a slight chill & goose pimples were slowly surfacing, for what reasons, I can’t explained.

I wanted to stay on to find out what was in there but my instinct tells me not to meddle with it. Calmly, I walked out of the toilet. I still remember the feeling of fear when the flush went off that night.

My sister related this incident to me about a toilet located at the 17th level (not sure but it`s the top-level of the bldg) of the office premise at Ngee Ann City. During the school holidays, two of her friend were doing survey for a company there and they happened to come across this strange toilet. She said that her friends did not mention much about the toilet except that it was very eerie and strange.

Years later, I visited a company along Science Park drive. I was waiting at the reception area. There were 2 CISCO security guard and a lady stationed at the reception counter. I overheard their conversation. One of the security guard was chatting about his strange encounter with this toilet located at the 17th level of Ngee Ann City when he was stationed there. He did not reveal much but he said that the toilet there was an area of most frequent supernatural happenings with the staff at that level. At this moment, I was perturbed and there was a chill right from my head down my spine. What my sister told me and from whatI heard about the security guard`s encounter were no mere coincidence about that strange toilet.

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