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Friday, June 17, 2011

Karma Scientifically Proven

It seems the ancient practice of Karma, or doing good to others and finding good in your own life may have some scientific backing now as scientists uncover the ancient teachings of Karma and how they can actually cause real changes in peoples' lives for the better.

Karma, it would seem, has been validated scientifically. But how will the study take the next step? Will kindness technology tell us the most efficient way to get the most out of doing good for others?

Karma is a practice that involves doing good for others and receiving positive "energy" in return. Some interpretations of this philosophy suggest karma will result in good things happening by chance out of each act of kindness performed, while others suggest it is a spiritual progression that doesn't manifest until after death when the spirit is reincarnated as something else.

And so after that Karma is a means of assessing how well a life was lived. The experiment was designed to look into this concept and attempt to assess whether participants were living with good Karma and what would change when they increased their Karma. What they found was astounding.

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