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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angels, Demon & Ghosts - Feng Shui and Paranormal Phenomena

Aurthor: Vicki

In Asia there are unethical people running around scaring the horses. They tell their clients or their potential clients that they have ghosts! That they need an expensive ‘clearing’ ceremony to clear out these hungry ghosts who disrupt the energy of the household.

I personally have not seen ghosts, or angels or demons for that matter. I prefer to search for physical explanations for unexplained events first up. I never default to the ghost explanation.

There is an energy that is apparent when using a Luopan (Chinese Geomantic Compass). The needle on the luopan reacts in a particular way when severe yin qi is present. In fact I have had many experiences with this severe yin qi. The interesting thing is that underground water, specifically ‘black” streams will give a very similar reading. It is not exactly the same – there are subtle differences.

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