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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Haunting Environment and Feng Shui

Author: Ms Ching

A haunted house is believed to be dark, old and dilapidated with unnatural forces or ‘Ghost’. In Feng Shui point of view, a haunted house is cause by accumulating of negative forces that developed through time with the absence of ‘yang’ energy. Most of time, the negatives forces developed are cause by the negligence of human.

I am sharing my personal ghostly encounter several years ago when spending a weekend in a friend’s apartment. My friend with his wife was married for a year before they acquired an apartment in Tanglin Halt.

During that time, they were planning for kids and they bought a four-room apartment. They planned to rent a room to foreign students, save a room later for their kids and occupied the master bedroom themselves. Soon, the empty rooms were made into storerooms, as they could not find the appropriate tenant. They dump whatever that is unsightly into these rooms and left these rooms unattended beside area cleaning. They will leave the windows, doors and the curtains of the unoccupied rooms shut when they leave house for work. These rooms were void for a year after they moved it to the apartment.

I was the first guest to spend a weekend in these rooms. There was only one room with a bed and my friend offered me to that room. I decided not to bother about the opening the windows as I simply prefer the comfort of an air conditioner. I spend the first night without much annoyance accepts that I could hear a very mild voice coming from the other empty room that resembles a human tone. The next morning, I took a little time to speak about the anonymous voice with my friend. He was surprised, as they did not encounter anything of this sort for the past one year. I drop the subject as his wife is getting very skeptical and I excused myself that I am just hearing things due to tiredness.

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