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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Strange Happenings in Thailand

Author: Vanelle22

This is my first story share of my experiences and definitely not my last, I can start off first that my mother is from Thailand and my father is from Harlem, NYC. So my mom always told me her beliefs in the spirit world. My dad on the other hand always told me, that spirits can't hurt you physically.

I moved to Thailand with my family in 1994. We were transferred there for six years and since my mother was from there , my dad figured it would be nice to know that side of the family. I was in the 4th grade, in a new country and trying to adjust to our new home. My room was enormous and I had my own bathroom. My room was at the end of the hall, my younger brother’s room was in the middle of the hall and my parents were on the other end.

I believe this was a month after we moved in. I was taking a bath. I had carpet on my bathroom floor by the way. So when I was finally done, I put one foot out and BOOM! Something pushed me out the tub and I fell and caught myself on the counter. Now mind you, I had carpet on the floor so I know I didn't slip out the tub. I felt some type of force push me out! I ran naked to my parents room and told her what happened. That same night she called my grandmother (her mom) and my grandmother said we should have had the house blessed.

So that very weekend, it was a lot of monks that came if I can remember it was 8 or more. They came to bless the house .We had to pray and I was told to wear these 3 black and gold Buddha bracelets for 3 months. I still have them to this day. Afterwards everything seemed fine but little things every now and then would happen. For instance we had a housekeeper Khun Tong Phoon (her name) she had her room beside the kitchen but she always ended up in my room sleeping on the floor. She would tell my mom she would hear knockings on her walls, movement in her room when she was the only one in there. Now from what I was told Thailand has numerous names, The Land of the Smiles, The Land of the Dead or The Land of Spirits. Everyone in my building had a housekeeper, so what they did would get together and talk about different occurrences in my building and the other buildings that were housed with American families. Each building had what its called a spirit house and my mom would go downstairs every weekend and pay her respects.

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