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Friday, November 27, 2009

Search For Big Foot In China

The Chinese look for their own Yeti
Beijing, China (EFE)

In the center of China the Chinese have to their particular Yeti, the "man-monkey of Shennongjia", a being seen by hundreds of witnesses but never photographed, not even by the scientists who have been trying to discover if it exists or not for more than 30 years.

From 1924, the year in which the first recorded sighting took place, more than 360 people claim to have seen the legendary creature in 110 different areas of the Shennongjia mountains (province of Hubei), and although the scientists have still not managed to prove its existence, the long delay could be over this year.

Zhang Jixing, head of the investigation team that has been carrying out the search for three decades, thinks that 2003 will be the year when they are able to confirm if the man-monkey of Shennongjia — known in China as "Yeren" — exists or not.

The scientists led by Zhang have gathered more than 2,000 presumed tracks of Yeren, as well as reddish hairs, blood samples and droppings with which it is hoped to establish if the man-monkey exists or not, and if it is human or animal.

In 2002, an analysis of samples at a laboratory in the U.S.A., indicated they were from an unknown animal genetically closer to a human being that to other primates, "with characteristics more similar to those of western men than Chinese".

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