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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Green streaks seen in sky

Green streaks seen in sky on Sunday likely a meteor: astronomers

SINGAPORE : If you are among many who sighted green streaks in the sky at about 7.30pm on Sunday, astronomers say you had probably seen a meteor.

James Chong could still visualise the green streak when he shut his eyes.

What he saw on Sunday evening was also spotted by many others in Singapore.

"I've seen shooting stars from the beach. It's sort of like an arc and it's glowing, but this one doesn't. It was not the same, it was green. The first time I saw it, I thought it was a plane trying to land," recounted James Chong.

But this was no plane, and experts tossed up a couple of theories.

One was that the green flash could be associated with the rising or setting sun, where the sunlight was scattered or refracted in the atmosphere, casting off a green glow.

Many astronomers here said the sightings could not have been a green flash because it lasted for some 10 seconds and presented streaks and trails in the sky. A green flash only appears for a split second.

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