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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ectoplasm (Ghost Mist) Captured!

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Photo Source: KunMingClanyAnonymous

Click on photo to enlarge

This photo was submitted to us by emails, the sender is interested to dig out the misty effects for such kind of photos and offer an example of it.

Classification: Ectoplasm
Some theories on ectoplasm:

1. Ectoplasm is residue left over by a spirit who was recently in an area. I have personally captured "ecto-mist" on film a few times. It's slightly more difficult to catch ecto on film than it is to get orbs.

2.Another theory is that it could be clouds or fog which can be outside or on the lens. This has happened several times to me so make sure you go out when conditions are right; no wind, fog, rain, snow, etc.

3.Another theory says that ectoplasm is electro magnetic energy from the earth. I have photographed ecto-clouds a few times, but haven't seen anything that I would call solid or semi-solid matter.

4. What ever theory you subscribe to, it seems ecto-anything is only captured on film when conditions are exactly right. Large amounts of energy must be present, weather must be good, and the moon phase must be strong, not to mention the entity must be willing!

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