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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giant Mekong Catfish of Thailand - Biggest Freshwater Fish Ever

Official Biggest Freshwater Fish Records Holder

It's official! The new world record holder for the biggest freshwater fish is the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasius gigas). The biggest one ever captured and measured was caught in Thailand in May of 2005.

Picture is (C) copyright to extremescience.com

The fish in the photo below was captured by some fisherman where the species is considered endangered, but can still be caught with special permits. The fish was turned in to the Department of Fisheries where the eggs and sperm are collected from these rare giants and harvested for a captive breeding program to keep the species alive. No wonder Mekong River of Thailand is full of mystic. Read about the
Nong Khai Naga Fireballs phenomena of Mekong River.

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  1. Find this post to be very intreasting , couldnt find a bigger photo anywhere else :-)

  2. Katrrine, we thank you for your comments. Hope you enjoyed exploring our blog.


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