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Monday, January 11, 2010

An Introduction on Guman Thong (Child Spirit) of Thailand

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Guman Thong is a Thai miniature amulet created resembling a lovely young child. Most people today, keep them to bring in fortunes and protections from the enemies. Legendary Thai general Khun Paen created the first Guman Thong about 500 years ago in the Ayuthaya era. He was being taught on the exotic art and was raised up by the high monk Acharn Kong.

According to legend, he performs a ritual using various exotic materials and the carcass of his dead son and forms the first Guman Thong. He reared and treated the Guman Thong as a son. In return, the Guman Thong is said to assist him in winning many battles against the Burmese invasion.

A tradition Guman Thong is made from a dead baby from the womb of a dead woman. In the past, high monk searched for such cases in the cemeteries where an unborn child was dead with the mother.

The monks then dug out the body of the mother and cuts open the abdominal to retrieve the dead baby. He had to rush to the nearest Bosth (Sacred Chanting Hall) with the dead baby to perform the ritual and baked the dead baby into a Guman Thong.

However, the task to deliver the dead baby for the ritual is not a simple matter; a mere gravedigger without the expertise in Thai esoteric art could be killed in the process. In Thai tradition, a mother who died with her baby in the womb may become a ferocious ghost when provoked.

They call this aggressive ghost as the ‘Phi Tai Tong Klom’. The Phi Tai Tong klom will give chase to, and kill the offender to retrieve her baby back. Even the master of occult had to be very careful in fending off from such ghost while delivering the dead baby to a Bosth. A Bosth hall is said to be so sacred with the statues of Buddha in place, that demons and ghosts of the highest-level are not about to break in. Once the dead baby had being delivered into a Bosth, the master can proceed to perform the ritual.

Creating a Guman Thong in the present day is less thrilling, high monks created the miniature child figurines from raw materials e.g. wood, bronze, plastics or gold. The Guman Thong is then bought to “live” by special mantras. Some guru monks who created sacred Guman Thongs are such as Luang Poo Boon of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Luang Poh Cham of Wat Takong and Luang Poh Tae KongThong of Wat SamNgam, etc. The most well known and most popular pieces are of Luang Poh Tae KongThong.

Picture is (C) copyright to ThailandAmulets.blogspot

Anybody who owns a Guman Thong should acknowledge some important practices;
Food offerings presented at least once a day to the Guman Thong is a must.

Toy offering must also be presented occasionally as Guman Thong is a young child (spirit), and he behaves just like a normal human child.

Owner of Guman Thong should treat and love it as his/her son. For the 1st personal pronoun you call yourself "father" or "mother"; for the 2nd personal pronoun you call him "my son”; and for the 3rd personal pronoun you just call his name Guman Thong.

It is recommended that Guman Thong should not be worship or own by a household with children because Guman Thong may envy your children whom you pay all love to.

Owning and worshipping Guman Thong needs deliberate practices but if you can do it completely as recommended, he will be a good great fortune bringer.

Original Source:
Guman Thong Amulet Kumantong Thailand

More Sources:
Thailand Amulets Blog


  1. Excellent information. I own a Khun Paen 7 narai myself. Works like a charm for me. Read more about Khun Paen here.


  2. I'm thinking of getting a kmt. Is there a need to chant? I dont think I can pronounce those words.

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2146396/British-man-arrested-Thailand-suitcase-dead-babies-used-religious-ritual.html

  4. We should just help them to reincarnate rather than bringing them home for selfish gains.

  5. they'll need their karma, reincarnate is their choice, not yours.

  6. This is bad magic. It is an evil practice, best avoided.

  7. May Lord Jesus set you all free from darkness...

    1. Shut up n mind ur own business dude. Pls respect other ppl belief n religion.

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