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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orang Bati - The real Kryptos Batman of Indonesia

Source: Unknown Creatures

Interesting Sighting Details of Orang Bati:
In Seram of the Maluku Islands, also known as the Moluccas archipelago of Indonesia, lives a creature that has fueled both the curiosity and fear of the locals. Known as Orang Bati, or in Indonesian terms, the winged man, the creature resembles a human or giant ape with bat-like wings.

Historical accounts of Christian missionaries visiting the islands during the 15th to 16th century narrate how a winged monster has raided and terrorized the village of Uraur in Seram. The residents fear the creature, as it is known to abduct infants and children when it feeds at night. The monster is also said to raid nearby villages. According to these locals, the Orang Bati lives during the daytime on Mount Kairatu, a dormant volcano with a network of deep caves on the island of Seram.

The Orang Bati has an ape-like body, much like a human standing four to five feet tall, with red skin on its body. The creature has large black leathery wings and a long tail, compared to rhamphorhynchoid species of flying dinosaurs or pterosaurs. Some accounts describe the wings and tail as covered with thick black fur. Villagers often hear the Orang Bati’s arrival by the sound of its shrill wail, similar to that of pterosaurs.

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