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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top 10 Most Influential Ghost in Indonesia

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Kuyang an intangible phantom human head attached to a skinless body with the ability to fly. This creature is more popular to the public in Borneo. Kuyang is actually a man or more often depicted as a man then a women. He is a mad alchemist that adopts black magic to transform into a hideous creature, in hope to achieve eternal life. During the day, a Kuyang will behave like an ordinary person, but he usually wore robes. During the night, the Kuyang will hunt for baby’s blood to inhale as a means to increase his power in black magic.

According to traditional Balinese mythology, Rangda is the demonic queen of the Leak Yaks hordes in Bali. She is often depicted as a nude old hag with her tongue sticking out from her mouth rolling down the ground. The original legend suggested that Rangda is the Javanese Queen Mahendradatta during the 11th century. She started a community to practice witchcraft and the occult. Soon King Dharmodayana banished her and her community from the kingdom. She had lived in seclude and continued to develop her skills while fending off the attacks led by Dharmodayana’s generals. Rangda finally led an offensive rebel with her followers against Erlangga – the descendant of Dharmodayana in AD1001. She exterminated half of the people living in the kingdom during the invasion. In desperation, Erlangga seek help from the high priest Empu Bharadah against Rangda’s ruthless aggression. Empu Bharadah was unable to handle the prowess of Rangda despite his knowledge in the occult. Later, Empu plot and had succeeded in stealing the witch bible of Rangda. He learns from the techniques of Rangda and ended Rangda’s invasion.

Leak Yak
Leak Yak are the descendants of Rangda’s witches. They are very evil and powerful witches and more often regard as monster then human. They will behave like a normal human during the day and posses a very high level of intelligence. During the night, they have only a single goal in mind and that is to devour human organs to built evil potions to harm people.

Toyol or Thuyul in Javanese term is a child spirit of the Malays communities in SE Asia. Its incarnation is often by invoking the spirits of dead babies inside a dead human fetus perform by a Bomoh (Witch Doctor). A person can own a Toyol, usually for personal gains. The Toyol is very capable to perform various sabotage tasking such as stealing for its owner. Once, an owner owns a Toyol, he or she will be condemned to own the Toyol for life. People normally associate the appearance of a Toyol with that of a small baby, frequently that of a newly born baby walking in nakedness with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and usually grayed skin. More accurately, it resembles a goblin. It can be seen by the naked eye without the use of magic, though they are unlikely to be spotted casually. A similar version will be the Guman Thong from Thailand.

Genderuwo is a type of spirit that looks like an ape with reddish black colored hair that covers the entire body. Sudanese people call it "Gandaruwo" while the Javanese called it "Gendruwo". The creature is also believed to be the guardian spirit of a river rock or a tall large tree. The creature does not intervene into the human world; however, the sight of blood may offend the creature. Magician will stain the blood of an enemy onto huge rocks or trees in damp areas in the forest and perform summoning rituals. This act will offend Genderuwo and it will seek and harm the owner of the blood. The spirit is believed to live in Purwosari, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, White Weak and Donoloyo forest.

Most definition depicts Pocong as a ghost wrap in white fabric that hop around without eyeballs. It is a traditional ritual for Muslim Malays in SE Asia to cover the entire body of a deceased in white Mori fabric called shroud. The shroud is suppose to leave only the face of the deceased expose and after 40 days, a ritual will be perform to release the Kafannya bond before a proper burial ritual is carried out. However, if the releasing of the Kafannya bond is not carried out or carried out improperly. The spirit of the deceased will be trap with the wrapped body. The ghost will return to haunt the living. It is very often people associated Pocong as a jumping ghost, as it cannot move its legs because the legs were wrapped and tie together. The actual myth stated that it travel faster then you thought because Pocong fly rather then hopping its way around.

Sundel Bolong
Sundel Bolong is a beautiful Malay ghost, an almost perfect model for woman. However, she get penalize for clowning Miss World due to a single flaw; the back of the ghost reveal her fresh, spine and internal organ. Sundel Bolong has long hair to cover her back from revealing the awful sight. According to urban legend, Sundei Bolong used to be a young girl, who is a victim of rape. She died giving birth in the grave. The ghost mother will return to haunt the newborn child if the child is alive.

Kuntilanak or Pontilanak is depicted in the form of a beautiful woman ghost. (Ranked second in terms of beauty when compared to Sundel Bolong) Legend tells that a woman who died during childbirth has the highest tendency to turn into a Kuntilanak. Kuntilanak generally belongs to a kind of vampire, it kill its victim by sinking its teethes into the victim’s neck and suck the blood leaving the corpse dry. Some source stated that it would kill its victim by devouring their organs. The spirit is considered the most vengeful and malevolent spiritual entities among the spiritual hordes in Indonesia. The most common belief is that nice floral fragrance will tag along with the appearance of a Kuntilanak or when a Kuntilanak is near by.

It is believed that the Minangkabau ethic group of West Sumatra in Indonesia started the origin and legends of Palasik. Often, Palasik are depicted as a flying head of a woman with only the intestines attach to it. A similar version of Palasik will be the famous Krasue from Thailand and the Manananggal from Philippines. According to the Minangkabau, Palasik is not a ghost but human beings who have attain a high level of proficiency in black magic and are unable to control the side effect to reveal their true demonic form. Palisik typically feed on infant or the womb of a pregnant woman. The women of Minangkabau always sleep covering the stomach, as they fear to attract the unwanted attention of a Palasik. It is a common assumption that Palasik is hierarchical, the child of a Palasik will develop into a Palasik itself.

Wewe Gombei
There are many tales and myths created to scare a child from doing something undesirable. We also have similar legends just for the parents and one of them is the Wewe Gombei. WeWe Gombei is a nanny spirit according to Javanese tradition. A woman who committed suicide because of her husband having an external affair will turn into Wewe Gombei. Wewe Gombei will kidnap lonely and abandoned children from mean parent. She takes care of the child and returns him only when the parent realized of their ill attitudes. It is rumored that a beer seller and his wife living in Gombei, Semarang, reported the first haunting experience and thus the name Wewe Gombei came about.


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