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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Z Machine to End Energy Crisis?

by Chris Capps

It has been posited recently that the Z Machine, in Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico could create enough power to end the energy crisis for everyone. The machine, which was originally used to measure power fluctuations at the center of nuclear bombs, is now leading scientists into believing in cold fusion, and has been remodeled to combine heavy water atoms and create what some say is the future of electrical power.

As 50 trillion watts of electricity is fired into a central core, a can filled with ultra thin wires has its contents vaporized at a temperature of 6.3 billion degrees Fahrenheit. As the wires vaporize at temperatures higher than any other created by scientists in the world anywhere ever, the wires emit a pulse of X-Ray radiation with more energy than 290 terawatts. For those unfamiliar with how much a terawatt is, it's one trillion watts. Rounded off, that would be enough to power ten billion 90 watt light bulbs. The entire world uses an average amount of power directly from a grid of about 16 Terawatts at any given time.

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