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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why do Dogs run away?

By : ShiJie

Usually in the morning I am among those who arrives early for work.
The Company had 2 very big guard dogs guarding the company in the night.

The 2 dogs are usually very friendly towards me. However there was once , on a friday morning of July 9th 2010, they so very different from usual.

That day, I was dressed up all in black, some of colleagues say i look so much like those Japanese ninja seem in TV dramas and movies, just that i do have any weapons and i am unmasked.

when the dogs saw me that day, their expression and reactions seems as if they were very frightened and scared.

They were barking at me but again it seems like maybe it was not me but something that is very near to me. the dogs never barked at me before. this is the very first time.

each time they barked , they would step backwards. they seem to be looking at something. i tried to step forward closer towards them, they both immediately went backwards even further!

it really does not seem very correct ! It should the case of humans afraid of dogs and not the opposite way. Furthermore, they are guard dogs!

People usually say that dogs can see ghosts, not too sure if it is true, but maybe it is. However i thought that people say ghosts are afraid of dogs and dogs would barked and chase after the ghost when they see one?

It certainly got to be me! the dogs were facing my direction and barking at something, either it is me or something very close to me.

After the person who has the company gates opened the door and I enter the gates, instead of the dogs dashing towards my direction which was something i am expecting, they both immediately run away like anything when i enter the gates and walk towards thier direction.

How very strange this really is! What really happen? What is it that they saw?

Anyone out here has any explainations?

1 comment:

  1. hmmm maybe they don't like your clothes?


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