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Monday, July 12, 2010

How come Pular Tekong is Haunted?

From : Kanjiong Spider
Why is Pular Tekong so Haunted?

The island of Pular Tekong today is a military trainning camp and it is an absoluted extremely haunted island. There are too many areas in the island that is very haunted.

However did you ever wonder why is it haunted? what has happened to cause it to be haunted?
I have something to share on the history and reasons for it's hauntedness.


Originally it was an island of malay fishing villagers with much graves and cemetary before colonial period. Hunting was a very common thing in this little island. However, after Singapore was colonized, it became into prison camp! All of the most notorious convicts, criminals, & prisoners of the British colony were being dumped there.

these outlaws and prisoners were no oridinary prisoners. They are not at all simple! One fine day, there was a prison outbreak in the camp there! The prisoners had staged a rebellion to escape from the prison camp. The British prison warddens was absoluted no match for the prisoners. They were overpowered by the prisoners.

Finally the British send in their best Naval fleet to had an absolute total annihilation on the escapists and rebels. It sure was a very ferocious battlle from both sides. It was a blood shed fight. Eventually after a long battle, the British finally won but however suffered heavy losses.

Years later it became into one of the execution grounds during the Japanese occupation. It was also a labor camp of the POW(s) at the same time.

Finally after the war, this island was abandon island where almost no one paid attention to for sometime before it finally became into a Military camp for trainning of the NSF(s).

it was not a pleasant move in when the island was converted into a military trainning camp. Much things happened since that day till present. There was also much unknown stories in the island that explains the existing ghosts.

All these unpleasant events that took place in history explains why this is an haunted island.



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