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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Singapore's Coin of protection

Dear Readers, I am Aoshima!
I have something to share if you believe the story to be true.

Did you Know that the $1 dollar coin of Singapore is not at all a simple and ordinary coin?

It is deliberatly made with 8 sides like that of an octogon.
It is basically the Chinese BA GUA in disguise.

Noticed that the flower inside of the coin has 5 petals? it is basically representing the 5 elements ( Matal , Wood , Water, Fire & Earth)

Perhaps you may not know it but, each and every single individual $1 singapore coins is actally casted with Taoist Magical Spell into it.

There are many sources and stories that traces that ghosts in Singapore are somehow trapped! they are not able to enter into the next world somehow or rather. Singapore is hence a very haunted island country in a way.

If you are really deep into Chinese Feng Shui and Oriental Religions or mayb even if you are some occult masters, you can understand and know it better than many people on why ghosts of Singapore and trapped here in this human world & Why are they wondering around the island all the time and not able to cross over to the next world!

There are some who says that MM Lee is an absolute believer of Chinese Feng Shui and that to resolve this Ghost issue of Singapore and the save the nation of Singapore, his personal Feng Shui masters come out with a solution !

This Solution is the $1 coin of Singapore! it's every design and details has chinese magic and chinese feng shui elements in it. This coin helped solved the ghost problem of Singapore partially and also at the same time gave a further boost to the economy of Singapore, making Singapore a much more prosperous nation.

Please do not ask how is it possible to have magical spells or charms casted into each and every single invidual coin. I don't have the answer to it but what I can say is that all the $1 coins of Singapore has magic in it.

It can help you to ward off evil and offer you protection against ghosts if you are really that unlucky.

So if you trully believe the story to be really keep more Singapore $1 coin with you.


  1. Should female serve the nation? Not in the army but perhaps as nurses in hospitals.

  2. I am sold, where can I buy one !


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