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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How come Sentosa is Haunted?

BY : ShiJie

Sentosa is a very popular place many of us like to go to. But did you know that it is a very haunted island?

The old name of Sentosa is Pular Blakang Mati which literally means dead from the behind. There are alot of myths to how did this island got such a name. No one is however sure which is the actual and correct one.

But one thing for sure, this old name did brought about curse to the main island of Singapore in history unknown to many. One of such examples was that during WW2 when the British Colonial Masters expected a sea attack by the Japanese and placed all their defences to the south of Singapore to protect Singapore there in the front, the Japanese attacked from land , and caught the British soldiers by suprise when they were attacked by the Japanese from the behind.

Pular Blakang Mati was an island of fruits in originally. All over this island, it is all fruits. But however, mysteriously there was some graves in which no one has the explaination of who they were and how they appear there.

The first settlers to appear on Pular Blakang Mati was the Bugis from what we call as Indonesia today. When they arrived ashore to settle down , what they initially did not noticed was these graves directly behind of them , which was not very far from where they touched down from.

They set up their own fishing village somewhere in the front of these grave even to make things worst.

Just when they thought they were going to have a peaceful life , such peaceful life in this fruit island was short lived. Soon Pirates from the Malay archipelago arrived! they decided to established and transformed Pular Blakang Mati island to be their pirate's Headquarters.

These pirtates arrived from ashore directly from behind these Bugis fishing villagers. The villagers were caught by suprised when they were attacked by the pirates from behind. A very magnificient and epic battle occured as a result. Although these villagers proved to be tough and good fighters, they were still however no match agaisnt the pirates. The Pirates won! Their HQ was established in this island of Pular Blakang Mati!

Pular Blakang Mati island was then transfromed into a Treasure island, ever since.

Frankly speaking I also really wonder what happen to those treasures? mayb in the process of history they were looted and have become missing.

Years laters, Singapore was Colonized by the British! As a matter of time, an extremely fierce naval battle took place near the seas of Pular Blakang Mati island and the pirates were wiped out by the British.

Each time when battle took place, more and more graves will appear in this island, mysteriously. however, most of the battles took place near the coast of the beach or the waters near to the island. Hence, more people died in the waters than on the land.

Years laters after the extermination of the Pirates, epidemic took place on this island very suddenly and it was just so close to have taken the lives of every single people living in this island to the last man standing. But however again the cure arrived fast and the population of those surviving ones was saved.

Some people even called Pular Blakang Mati island , an island of death while others called it a haunted island, perhaps due to too many deaths and hauntings happenning in this island in the flow of history.

Years later again, World War 2 took place. Singapore was taken from the behind. Pular Blakang Mati island became into one of those execution grounds of those POW(s) and anti Japanese etc...

these people were brought to be shot to death at the coast of the beach shores. some who wanted to escaped ran into the waters adn were either drowned to death or slashed and hacked to death by the Japanese who ran after them into the water using their swords.

The number of deaths of those who died in the waters was really alot! Hence , the type of ghosts that Sentosa had the most is actually Water ghosts! ghosts on the land was not as much as those in the waters.

Some people believed that Pular Blakang Mati was the initial intention of General Yamshita to have the treasures looted from all parts of Asia to be stored here and then transported to Japan and not in the Luzon islands of philippines.

This island was renamed to be as Sentosa which means peace and tranquility in malay. Even since then, the fate of this island and Main land Singapore Changed forever! Most likely, even since the change in name and developments and human activities in Sentosa since 1972 to present, the curse has already been broken.

Sentosa island is today very safe , generally speaking regardless during the day or night. However, do bare in mind of one thing, during the night, DO NOT TOO CLOSE TO THE WATERS. KEEP SOME DISTANCE FROM THE WATERS! IT IS VERY OKAY TO HAVE A WALK IN THE BEACH AT NIGHT BUT PLEASE DO NOT BE TOO NEAR TO THE WATERS. THE WATER GHOST ARE STILL LOOKING FOR REPLACEMENTS AND SUBSITUTES!


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