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Monday, July 12, 2010

Attacked by Japanese Ghost Army

From a SAF Regular

Dear AP readers,
I am a sign on regular and have a story to share. The location where this place happened, the camp that i am from and the unit i am in will not be revealed !

Basically it was a military exercise during that night! we were doing some shooting with our rifiles. We used blanks. Basically they were empty bullets and not the real bullets.

After our shooting ended, something unexpected happened !
Deep in the forest of the dark night just in front of us in the direction where which we were earlier shooting, a jeep like image appeared  and the next thing we knew,  we were all very aggressively under serious attack by something unknown.

We had to take cover immediately from whatever or whoever that was attacking and shooting at us. After some time an order was being issued to us to return fire.

We shoot back at them this time, using whatever we got against them! After a while there was a cease fire by both end. when the cost is finally clear we went to take a look and to explore around.

We picked up the bullet shells of the mysterious enemy that earlier attacked at us. The bullet shells does not belong to any of our people. it was definately not any that this used by the SAF for sure!

It was then this time that someone managed to identified the attackers from the empty bullet shells we had found! mind you, these bullet shells were very hot as they are fresh from a real rifile. the identified attackers was a ghost army !

They were the Japanese ghost soldiers of  WW2! the bullet shell were of those used by them during the japanese occupation of world war 2!

To think back again after we had our attackers identified, we sort of saw some vivid images of them earlier during the attack and them cocking and reloading their weapons upon firing.

How freeky this sure is!!!!!


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