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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Child's Eye (童眼)

Stranded in Thailand by the political uprising and airport closure, Rainie and her friends were unable to return home. Reluctantly, they decide to stay in an aged and shabby hotel. Among them is Rainie’s almost-breakup boyfriend, Lok, Ling and her brother, Rex, and Ciwi with her beloved boyfriend, Hei. The moment they check into the hotel, they come across three weird children and a puppy that seems slightly odd. As strange and sinister things start to happen, they begin disappearing one after another ...

Based on Asian believes and sayings, Dogs, Children and Females have a higher chance then Humans, grown up adults and Males to see ghosts.

Typically in most Asian horror films, ghosts are usually children or woman. This is very much unlike western movies in many cases.

For this Movie, it touches on Females , Children and Puppy.

One of the Countries in Asia popular and very well known for horror related movies and real life happenings , would be Thailand. Hence this movie will be base on Thailand.

泰国是其中之一的亚洲国家以恐怖片和真实恐怖经验脱离不了关系。应此这个恐怖片, 童眼将在泰国

The Leading actress for this movie will be Rainie Yang and this is her frist time in such movies.

This Movie will be in 3D and many people in South East Asia are very excited about it


这部电影将会是部3D! 许多东南亚人都感到非常兴奋

The three of them ( Oxide Pang ,Rainie Yang and Elanne Kwong)  recently visited the 67th Venice Film Festival in Italy, where they screened The Child’s Eye 3D for the first time. I, for one have always wanted to see a 3D horror film, it seems like it would be very exciting, and even more intense. A release date has yet to be confirmed, but it is rumored to come out on October 14th.

Although it sounds very typical, I am still very interested in seeing it. Basically it is about a group of friends that are stranded in Thailand. They end up staying at a shabby hotel that is…dun, dun, dun…haunted! There are mysterious kids and a unusually dog that they come across, and things start to go wrong. People begin disappearing and it is up to Rainie to uncover the truth of it all.

Probably to many, it is expected that this movie will be a good hit in Asia.

Based on Asian Sayings ,
Man are of Yang element and Woman are of Yin element !
Humans are Yang element and Ghosts etc... are of Yin Element !

Since both ghosts etc.. and woman are of Yin, woman hence have a higher chance of being able to see ghosts. futher more females have very thin and small eyebrows , typically which increases the chance of being able to see ghosts. Man on the other hand typically have broad , thick and big eye brows which makes it less of a chance to see ghosts and to some point of extend frighten ghosts.  To make things worst, females have mensuration whereseles man don't. Woman are at their weakest during this point and it even further increases their chance to see ghosts.

Dogs and Cats always have been said to have abilities to see ghosts. In this movie it perfectly fits the bill with this saying.

Lastly children especially the just born as they are innocent, pure, simple and new to this world , they have a very high chance to be able to see ghosts.

especially the just born until somewhere before they are able to talk, they are thought to new to this world from their previous lives as they have been reincarnated recently and many things have not been fully tunned yet.

but once they are able to talk and understand what is going on around them, they will gradually slowly lose this ability.

There are many places in the world which has a past history and which some may not be a good one. some chinese would bring a fengshui master along with them when buying , renting or staying in somewhere totally new.

especially for those place which murder, suisides etc... took place before it is very unadvicable to stay in such places.

If you were to stay in such places, things can just happen !
So the Next time when you rent or buy or stay any places new to you , do dig up some history of what has happen in the past if you do not want have "unexpected and uneccessay experiences. "


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