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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

Picture is (C) copyright to Paramount Pictures

A second teaser trailer for this October’s ‘Paranormal Activity 2′ has been unveiled and it is virtually the same as the first teaser – that is, until you look closer.

Paramount Pictures has kept the plot of its upcoming supernatural horror sequel, Paranormal Activity 2, thoroughly under wraps. The recently-released second teaser does not so much hint at the film’s plot as it requires viewers to literally dissect the short preview in order to learn anything new.

Paranormal Activity was a micro-budgeted project that became a hit sensation following a unique viral advertising campaign that promoted the feature as an utterly terrifying filmgoing experience. The marketing scheme for the sequel has been more minimalist in design and has virtually gone out of its way to keep moviegoers in the dark about everything related to the movie.

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