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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paranormal experience in Vietnam (Paranormal kinh nghiệm tại Việt Nam)

My parents are originally from Vietnam (I was born in Australia) and our family often make trips over there, this experience happened in the village of Can To where my great aunty lives. Her house was situated beside the riverbank and can get very cold at night.

In our culture we usually pray and burn incense on the day that a family member has passed. On that day my parents and siblings (older sis younger bro) went to my great uncles grave to pray because it was his anniversary. I chose to stay at home because I was sick and it was 42C outside. My great aunt and I were sitting in the lounge room watching TV. She was falling asleep when all of a sudden she sat upright. I noticed this and asked what was wrong, she told me she had seen someone walk through the front door and upstairs (the stairs are also situated at the front). Now you must understand my aunt was 89 at the time so I didn’t take her serious, I thought she must have dreamt this and resumed watching TV.

When I got up the stairs there were a pair of wet footprints outside the room I had been sleeping in. (there was only the one pair of prints not footprints leading to and from the room). In the morning my sis told me that everytime she had fallen asleep she would dream of a little girl opening the bedroom door and just standing there until my sis would be too scared and wake up. We told my aunts neighbour that afternoon and she told us that the owners of the farm across the riverbed lost their little girl when flash flooding occurred a few years back. This is probably the only experience that I have had that I truly believe was paranormal.

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  3. I think that the Vietnam is one of the most haunted and mystery land of the world. Almost all people I know who were longer time in Vn.told me weird or ghost stories. I wish I can one day go there. Four stories from Nghe An were absolutely frightening and lighting balls of Mekong Δ and creatures of lakes and rivers of Vietnam are awesome! Japan was long time considered as the most haunted state of Asia together with India and Tibet, but history of wars, heroism and fight for the independence is maybe that, why is Vietnam now maybe more haunted, than any other country in Asia.
    I fear one day will be Vietnam famous for ghost and paranormal more than Czechoslovakia or London :-D
    I want to write about vietnamese myths, paranormal, occult, magic and superstitions etc. Thank you for help. I'm collecting informations, not only about Viet nam paranormal. If will anybody know about anything else of Asian occult and paranormat, then please write me to my e-mail:vincislao.rossellini@gmail.com
    Thank you


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