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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time Traveler Caught In A Museum Photo

by Joan Seth

The photograph below is from the virtual Bralorne PioneerMuseum, from British Columbia, Canada. Did you notice anything out of place? Or perhaps, out of time?

The person indicated in the photo appears to be: 1) Wearing modern fashionable sunglasses, 2) Having a fashionable haircut, 3) Wearing a modern sweater and T-Shirt and 4) Holding what seems to be like a Digital Camera in his hands!

Now for comparison's sake:

These pictures depict what men in the 1940s generally wore. Comparing to our mystery man in the first picture, what can you conclude? Was he really a time traveler? Or are we missing something entirely?

[Picture Source]


  1. Time Traveler Caught in Museum Photo(?) 2010 April 19


  2. He's a QUEER, an eccentric and he seems to be wearing protective goggles (mainly used for welding during that time) and a bit of googling turns out that sunglasses during that time are not as outdated looking as many of us think. Also, looking at the man's shirt a lot closer reveals that he is wearing a sweat shirt and his coat is nothing short of something that people at that time can't produce. As for the camera, he seems to be holding a folding pocket type, which has been available since the early 20th century.
    He just happens to look a bit different, he could be one of the workers who worked on the bride perhaps?

    This picture reminds me of the time traveler that was caught on one of the Charlie Chaplin films that looked like a cellphone, but it turns out that it was just a high-tech hearing aide of that time that requires the user to hold it up to their ear just like a modern cellphone.

  3. Hi angrfox,

    Interesting point of view that you have.

    Anyway it has since been proven this was a case of mistaken identity and the man pictured was nothing more than an ordinary man from the 40s.


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