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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Diet, Exercise, Weight Loss, and a Bruce Lee Workout

How did Bruce Lee die? The mystery of Bruce Lee's death has never been solved! It is not a question of who killed him, as in the case of Brandon Lee, his son, but what killed him? With Brandon Lee's death, a real bullet killed him. Brandon Lee was killed on a movie set. Evidently, there was a real bullet in one of the “fake” guns being used on the movie set - what is not known is where did the real bullet come from that killed Brandon Lee?

(It has been suggested that both Brandon Lee's death and Bruce Lee's death were in no way coincidental, nor were they accidental deaths, nor even unexplainable. The Chinese have referred to their strange and sudden deaths as the “Lee Family Curse”!)

With Bruce Lee's death, it is still a mystery as to how he died, or rather why he died? I remember reading that Bruce Lee was on medication while experimenting with something that involved stimulating his muscles with electricity. Whatever he was experimenting with, was, I think about increasing the speed of his blows? Bruce Lee was into something called “kinesiology” - the study of how the muscles work in the human body! It has been suggested that the combination of his taking prescribed medications and his experiments with electricity lay behind the true cause of his death!
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