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Friday, December 25, 2009

Canadian searches for origin of ‘Aswang’

Author: Felipe V. Celino
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:42:00 11/01/2008

ROXAS CITY – A young film-maker from Canada is doing a documentary regarding the origin of the word “Aswang” in the Philippines.

“We are hoping to make this documentary the most comprehensive and informative presentation of the word Aswang and the myths surrounding it,” says High Banks Entertainment Ltd.’s Canadian filmmaker Jordan Clark.

Clark, 36, is in Capiz to conduct research and interviews regarding the origin of the “Aswang.”

Clark makes it clear he is not a believer of the “Aswang” (witch or vampire).

To him, Capiz, Roxas City in particular, “is the cleanest safest city in the Philippines and the hospitality is second to none” and Aswangs do not exist in the province.

Clark, whose visit here last month was his fifth trip to Capiz, said he only wants to search and discover the origin of the word “Aswang” and map out the anatomy of the myth, which he believes originated from Capiz.

Exploring Capiz
With the help of some residents, Clark, in the next nine days, will travel to various parts of the province to interview old timers who might know how and when Capiz became known as a haven of Aswangs.

For years, the province of Capiz has been regarded as a haven of evil persons possessed with black magic.

Capiceños have been, and still are, being derisively called “Aswang” – half-bodied, flying witches hungry for human flesh and blood.

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