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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nensha - Thoughtography

By Chris Capps

This holiday season when you’re posing for a photograph with the family, perhaps you should make an attempt to take a couple of pictures outside of the camera. Think it’s impossible? The photograph at left was taken in a closed room without windows. Though the street, and cars within were never identified, they were certainly nowhere near the institute where the photograph was taken.

To place your thoughts onto film is called “Nensha,” or “Thoughtography.” Of course though the concept has been around since 1913 it is still little known in most paranormal circles. Some will recognize the phenomenon from the movie “The Ring,” but few know it actually has happened several times throughout recent history.

Picture is (C) copyright to unexplainable.net

Quite literally Nensha means “spirit photography,” which is an interesting divide between Eastern and Western parapsychologists. Tomokichi Fukurai is the first documented scientist to attempt to capture Nensha in a controlled environment. His subject was a well known clairvoyant named Chizuko Mifune.

Unfortunately, their experiments were highly controversial and Mifune was thought by skeptics to be a charlatan. Despite this, one public experiment they had performed involved Mifune reading letters written within envelopes before astonished audiences. Later, Mifune’s experiments would be retold as legend in the Japanese horror film “Ringu” which would recast her abilities in a much different light.

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