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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ten ways to improve your psychic abilities

by ToddDaigneault

So you want to improve your psychic abilities? We all have them, but like muscles, they have to be properly and strongly developed to work well. Also, we must make ourself far more sensitive to the other realms, realities and dimensions that interact with our three-dimensional reality.

Sometimes, we need to clear the distractions and the psychic "static" that permeates our consciousness. As a researcher/experiencer, who has over thirty years of researching the paranormal behind him, here are ten steps in no particular order:

A good way to develop your psychic abilities is to use divination tools like Tarot cards, ordinary playing cards, runes and other divination-tools to help improve your abilities. Do a reading every few days for people around you.

This helps to strengthen psychic ability by working the areas of your brain responsible for ESP and other paranormal abilities. Over time, like exercise, those areas of your brain will strengthen considerably and your readings will get clearer and more accurate in predicting the future.

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