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Monday, December 28, 2009

Aswang - The Most Dreadful Supernatural Creature in Philippines

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

Aswang is an intelligent supernatural creature that takes roots in Philippines as early as the 16th century. The creature is so fearful that some elders in Philippines refuse to even mention the word ‘Aswang’. There isn’t a clear definition to which class of monsters the Aswang belong to, but they are often depicted as a pretty-faced, fair skinned maiden during the day and transform into hideous vampire in the night with red bulging eyes, disheveled hair and crooked wings.

An Aswang can be very deceptive and shy when they are not hunting. They will behave like a normal person and even hold a normal job during the day.

The one way to spot an Aswang is by starring into the eyes of the creature and notices the orientation of your reflection. Your reflections in the eyes of an Aswang will always appear upside down or in the opposite direction. Aswang wear thick contact lenses today so that your reflections will be reflecting on the lenses and not on their eyes, thus avoid its identity being expose. It is said that one can see the true form revealed of an Aswang when they view it from a “Peek ka Boo” (bend down with head between legs) position. The Aswang need energy to survive and their source of energy is either from the consumption of the human fetus or the human cadaver, thought they are also known to consume the blood and flesh of a walking person.

The original descriptions of Aswang Mananangal describe that the upper torso is separated from its lower body when they go hunting for food during the night. The upper torso of the Aswang flies to an area far from their home in search of their victims while leaving their lower body at home. Aswang is believed to never victimize its neighbors, however if a person ever encounter an Aswang somewhere, it is said that if you stare hard into the eyes and the hideous face of an Aswang, they will be shy and turn away eventually. Aswang is also extremely afraid of salt, vinegar, chilly and spices. The Aswang will get severed burns on its body when sprinkled with the mentioned commodities. If the mentioned commodities is sprinkled on the open cuts of the lower body of an Aswang, the creature will not be able to revert and will died in the day. There are other methods to subdue the Aswang (probably) from the influences of the western vampire cultures, such as piercing thru the heart of the creature with the tail of a stingray or a sterling grade silver dagger. If a person failed to intimidate an Aswang, there are two scenarios that likely to continue, he or she will either be eaten by the Aswang or turn into an Aswang itself. The Mangkukulam (Traditional Philippines Alchemist) is able to cure the victim by performing a complicated ritual that will lock the victim for a certain number of days, forcing the victim to drink a formulated potion in replacement of food (the humans).

There are few ways that a person could possibly transform into an Aswang;
1. When a person pluck an inverted plant from a cave.
2. A black baby chicken or a lizard crawls inside a person mouth.
3. When an Aswang blew air into the person head or neck.
4. When an Aswang offer food to the person.
5. The Mangkukulam can cure a person from transforming into an Aswang can also curse a person to turn into an Aswang.

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  1. I always get fascinated of these creatures that's why I made a horror movies blog to discuss them there.


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