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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Transferring the Memories and Feelings of a Dead Person into Ours

From: HypeSeek@AsiaParanormal

In the movies, often we see detectives with metaphysical abilities that connect them with the dead to solve a mystery case. So can we really embed the memories, including the feelings of a dead person into ours whom we absolutely have no connection with? Historing Tan, a writer on science offers to share a logical reasoning to the question.

Psychologists who studied the memory of human thought, speculated that memory were preserved in the protein molecules of the brain cell.

On the other hand, physiologists who studied the structure of human body found that nearly 98% of the cells are changed once a year, and the protein molecules in the brain cell are metabolized almost entirely in one or two days.

The human memory, however, is preserved to recall things many years ago.

If hypnotic methods are used, recalls can goes many years back and maybe recalling the ‘previous’ lives.

The question arises; how do the old cells transfer the memories to the new cells?

Some scientists have done so in passing their memory over to the newly born cell thru electric impulses.

If this is so that memory can be conserved thru electric energy, why should the consciousness which produces memory and imagination, not possible to be conserved in the space which is full of electricity?

If the principle of the conservation of consciousness is valid, it offers a theoretical explanation of people who experience recalling past lives or thought of being possess by spirit. In other words, the consciousness of a dead person is alive around us. Are we able to connect to them?


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