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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Chinese Month of the Hungry Ghost Festival ( 7th Month) Part 1

This is a particular festival that is being praticed by all Chinese through out the world. As long as there is Chinese , the Chinese people there would follow, pratice and observed this particular festival.

Generally Speaking, Chinese are very superstitious people. They believe in many things since the ancient times even till present. Some of the things that they believe in are very true. Call it supertion or anysort you like but it really works for example, the Chinese FengShui (风水).

Another one of the very important festival to the Chinese would be this particular month, once every year. This is none other than the month of the Hungry Ghost festival ! It is also called as the Ghost festival or the 7th month by some.

A supposedly true picture of a "hungry" ghost

The Chinese Calendar is one month slower than the Western Gregorian Calendar. The Chinese's 7th month this year of 2010 would be from August 10 Tuesday to September 7 Tuesday.

In this month, the gates of Chinese's Hell would be Open! Those inside would be released into the living world of the Humans. To simplified it to the dead, they are given 1 month of holiday. It is something like their public holiday which is only once in a year.

Many of the dead would take this opportunity to visit their family, friends, relatives ,loved ones and decendents.

Members of the dead would take this opportunity to give offerings and prayers to them, seeking for blessings, well being and good luck etc..

Preparations and props for the festival

Business owners in particular would be most supertious during this month. They do not want any mishaps , accidents, misfortune etc...... to happen. In some cases, business owners can be rather extreme during this month in terms of things that they do. It will be very common to see Chinese who are working in the company to burn and give offerings to the dead during this month.

Chinese workers and employees as well as business owners would take a particular time off from thier working hour to fully focus and concentrate in the prayers, offering and buring of things to the dead during this month. This will be something that the whole company in the usual case will join especially in the case of Singapore.

on top of all these, there will be also performers who will do some performances for the entertain of the dead. typically we call it as GETAI.

It is a stage set up in the streets or some open space in the public where which performers will do various performance to dead such as songs, operas etc....
and if you were to notice, there will be some seats meant to be empty on purpose. The first few rows of seats are not meant for humans to sit. they are meant for the dead to sit. SO, NEVER EVER sit on the chairs of the first few rows. You are definately inviting trouble for youself if you do.

Children will be told to behave themselves during this month cause if they do not, they dead will make sure they learn to behave. So Children during this month would be best to be good boys and girls. Be Good children during this month!

Parents and grandparents and well as Employers will usually discourage their Children and grandchildren and employees not to stay up late, sleep early and it is very unadvicable to do so. Night activities are generally very much discouraged and unadviced to do so.

People are also adviced to be careful with things that you do and say during this month. Afterall, the ghosts are among us. Things can be sensitvie at times. Sometimes you may have done and said something you should not , but you are not aware of it and hence invited unneccssary troubles for yourself.

Not in every case, are cases of Friendly ghosts. some are not! You have no idea what sort of ghosts they are. better still, those who had died a wrong death, during this month it is really a month of revenge ! Good luck to you if are the one responsible for someone who died a very wrong death and they cannot rest in peace.

After the so called public holiday is over, they will all have to return back to where they have came from. If they think they want to try test the system, the guards, constables and keepers of hell will personally bring them back!

In fact, every year during this month, these dead will very suddenly be well behave as they do not want to be denied they opportunity to be released into the world of the living. Those who had not been behaving, will be denied the opportunity of this so called public holiday of theirs once every year.

Now that you have know what the Chinese Hungry ghost festival is, hope you had gain some new insight and know what to do. This Month to the Chinese , generally speaking is an important month. they take things very seriously.

An ancient painting of a hungry ghost


  1. WOW ! Chinese are very interesting people

  2. I have noticed alot more spirit activity than usual at this time of year and this is obviously why! As my birthday is during hungry ghost month it must be why i am able to see them? I cant remember a time when i couldnt!


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