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Friday, August 6, 2010

Magic of the SAF Crest

By the SAF Regular

Perhaps You may not be aware of but however, the 3 Crests of the Singapore Military namely the Army , Navy and Airforce is actually already casted with magical spells in it of the 4 main religions of Singapore.

The 4 Religons would be namely
1) Christian
2) Islam
3) Hindu
4) Buddhist (but some say Taoist)

The high priests, Revends whatsoever you call them all united their magic as one and had them casted onto each and every single Crests.

All Soldiers of Singapore would process the crest and it is located on their beret.

The purpose of it is to protect each and every soldiers from evil spirits and harms. After All, each and every single military camps and bases all have their own individual hauntings and ghost stories. All the Military camps and bases of Singapore are very haunted actually. Staying, living and working in such haunted places, it will be essential to protect them with something.

As the Magic is in the Crest and this crest is located on their beret, by wearing this beret is already a form of protection or keeping this beret in their pockets is also good enough.

In fact, should a person somehow or rather ended up being processed by some ghosts of whatsoever, all that is needed is to either wack or have the crest pressed very hard on the forehead of the processed person and the evil will be forced out of the victim easily.

There are many of such stories in the SAF actually and it really did happened before and it was indeed being used and proven true enough to this local urban legends of the SAF CRESTs.

SO, Soldiers if you are reading this article, don't loose your Crest !
And as to the rest who are considering to sign on, Please DO ! Serve the Nation ! Life in the army is adventureous, experiencing , full of exposures and good learnning and career opportunities.


  1. i got heard of this rumour before, but not sure whether is true or not..

  2. Its true...it was when i was serving at SAFTI when one of the cadets started cursing and acting crazy during one of those outfield exercise...and all this in front of the instructors...if you seen cadets,they normally don't even dare speak in a rude tone to the instructors/officers there...anyways then the wing sm Warrant Jaffar took off his jockey cap,dont know why he always have that crest pinned on his cap instead...so he did as above and then the cadet just dropped to the floor and got up few moments later in a daze...i guess being a senior wsm he knows a crest is good to have close by then...


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