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Friday, August 13, 2010

China Girl Seeks Ghost Wedding with Boyfriend

The weather today in Chongqing was gloomy, and there was a light drizzle. Went to the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street to check out some homes for rent. Just as my foot landed, I didn’t think I would see cupware – While walking, I suddenly discovered a group of people gathering not too far away, which definitely meant something was going on. I’m the kind of guy who loves to join the excitement, so naturally, I strode over to join the crowd.

Hoho, after a quick scan there was actually a pretty girl, my heart started to race~ While staring at this pretty girl, she was holding a sign asking for help. Surrounding her were quite a few people who were there for the excitement, so I carefully looked over her request, what I saw shocked me, marriage with the dead ["ghost marriage"]? Really want marriage with the dead? After looking at the contents of two-page letter that was stuck to the sign, I was very moved

When the pretty girl saw me taking pictures of her with my phone, she became embarrassed and switched to a different location to continue standing while holding up her sign. I followed [her] because I wanted to help her, I used to do stuff related to magazines, this should count as media. I thought here she is, all alone, standing on this cold street asking for help, it really is pitiful, I might as well help her put this on the internet to get help from even more friends! This allows the vast numbers of society’s friends to come help, right?

Also, while I was taking pictures, there was a passerby who saw the pretty girlshedding tears, standing in a place where the cold wind was blowing. Being unable to endure such a sight, decided to give the pretty girl 300 RMB and also said, “I’ll give you 300, I will buy you.” So depressing, she [the passerby] thought this was [an instance of] the old tradition of selling one’s body in order to bury one’s husband [i.e. in the case of a poor peasant girl].

I jotted down her QQ, since it started to rain heavily, it was really cold outside, and I came back directly to wait until the weather cleared up before going to look at [more] homes. I turned on the computer right after getting back, itching to write all this down. I think just my efforts are very tiny, but everyone’s efforts really will be very mighty. I haven’t been on Mop in a long time, but I wanted to make this post today, hope everyone will follow closely and be able to help this girl. Furthermore, invite kind-hearted wedding service companies to help this girl hold a ghost marriage ceremony!

All Moppers, let us use our sincerity to help this girl! Ding this post, and let even more people see this request for help! I thank all of you in advance!

[Click here to read full article]


  1. Oh my , She is really very devoted.
    I kind of pity her

  2. yeah, its quite depressing to see this

  3. Wonderful post. I hope within a few days we will get more post from you like it. Thank you.


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