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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

9 Humanoid Figures of the Paranormal

by Joan Seth

There has been a lot of paranormal figures described throughout the world - ranging from Cryptids to Spirits and to Strange Men. In this article, we take a look at some paranormal entities which can be described as humanoid.

1. Little People

I was hard pressed to find a collective term for this one - Little Peoplehere would refer to Gnomes, Fairies, Goblins, Brownies, Leprechauns, Pixies or Dwarves. They are traditionally considered to be small and elusive. Tales of these creatures have existed long before time, mainly in folklore and mythology.

Cottingley Fairy Photo

However, certain people have reported sightings or encounters with such creatures. The general belief is that these creatures generally avoid human contact, and are usually non hostile. Some, like Goblins or Gnomes might conduct mischievous antics upon the houseowners if they are not treated in kind, while Leprechauns generally can bring good luck and fortune.

However, most people dismiss such sightings of Little People as just folklore and mythology.

A Leprechaun. Movie still from the movie, Leprechaun. Copyright Trimark Pictures.

[More Info]

2. Dog Headed Men

There is a condition called Cynocephaly is a widely attested legendary phenomenon existing in many different forms and contexts. This refers to the condition of having a head of a dog.

Weird as it may sound, such representations of Dog Headed Men were common in ancient Greek and Egyptian myths. Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, had a Jackal head. In the Chinese record History of the Liang Dynasty (Liang Shu), the Buddhist missionary Hui-Sheng describes an island of dog-headed men to the east of Fusang, a nation he visited variously identified as Japan or the Americas.

In modern history, there have been many sightings of creatures which behaved like a man, yet had the head of a dog. The Dogman of Michigan is one classic example. Check out the link below for more details.

Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead

[More Info]

3. Lizard Men

Reptilian Humanoids have been represented in much of ancient mythology. These include Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec creator God, White Snake, a figure from Chinese folklore and the Gorgons in Greek mythology, the most famous of which was Medusa.

However, in modern times, such representations are still common.

The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp dwells in South Carolina and is said to be a man with lizard scales and claws. The Cherufe from Chile, is described as a humanoid dragon or lizard.

Also, there have been claims, especially by David Icke, that many prominent world figures are actually reptilian aliens in disguise. He proposes that most of the world leaders are related to them, and they seek world domination. However incredulous he might sound, he actually has many supporters.

Reptilian Humanoid Alien

[David Icke]

[Lizard Man of Ore Swamp]

4. Goat Men

Pan, in Greek Mythology, was a half human and half goat. He was the god of shepherds and flocks. Collectively, such creatures are called Satyrs and historically found in Greek or Roman mythology.

In recent history however, there has been reports of a Goat Humanoid spotted in Maryland, USA. It has been described as a half goat, half man creature and attacking people and property.

Urban legends often put secret genetics programs forward as a possible source of the Goatman. Experiments by the federal government and the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland have both been suggested as possible Goatman origins. There is no evidence to support either, sadly.

Traditional rendering of a Satyr

[Goat Man's Bridge]

5. Doppelgangers

A Doppelganger is a tangible double of a person. It usually represents evil and is the fore-bringer of doom and death. They mostly come before a person in a certain unusual situation, appearing like a ghost and usually disappearing after a while. The person will then likely suffer great misfortune or even death.

Many famous people have reported seeing their doppelganger. A doppelganger of Vice Admiral George Tryon appeared in front of guests in a dinner party hosted by his wife in his house in 1893. Bizarrely, the Admiral died almost exactly at the same moment in a naval accident at sea. Abraham Lincoln also reported seeing his doppelganger when he was elected president.

Syndrome of subjective doubles is a psychological condition in which the patient believes that there are many doubles of himself in the world. Many scientists believe that sightings of doppelgangers are only psychological delusions.

[More Info]

6. Spring Heeled Jack

In the early 19th century, reports were coming all over from England of a man, dressed in tight clothes and boots, and able to jump great heights and distances. Some other reports state that he had clawed hands, red eyes and able to breathe fire. He would go around terrorizing people and generally leaving them alone after that. There has been only one case where he attacked a woman physically, leaving claw marks on her face and neck.

So what or who exactly was Spring Heeled Jack? Speculation is abound, some people theorized that Spring Heeled Jack was a monster or a extraterrestrial or even the devil himself. Others believe that all the sightings were exaggerated and everything was a case of mass hysteria. Or even the whole thing was just a hoax.

Another interesting theory states that Spring Heeled Jack was a real person, but insane. Thus he dressed up in weird attire and went around playing pranks on people. This creature has similar premise to that of a bogeyman in modern times.

Spring Heeled Jack

[More Info]

7. Black Stick Men

A truly bizarre entity, Black Stick Men has existed in paranormal lore only in recent times. According to witness descriptions these entities are completely 2 dimensional and dark black all over. They have no recognizable features, But some people get the "Feeling" that they are male, their arms are long and limp and apparently they excel in speed, easily outrunning a car.

It is also said that they only seem to pose a threat or are hostile towards people, if you stare or make it outright that you notice them. When a person comes too close or the creature goes as far as to touch or attack them, it will on occasion give off a powerful and disabling electric charge.

Try as I might, I was unable to find any physical proof of the existence of such creatures on the internet. Hopefully one day, someone will film or take a picture of such encounters.

[A account of a sighting of "flat" people in black]

[More Info]

8. Shadow People

Shadow People are supernatural shadow-like figures of both modern folklore and paranormal popular culture that believers describe as dark humanoid forms or evasive specters that are seen mostly in peripheral vision.

Commonly, many people report seeing them only for a split second, and usually out of the corner of their sight. They are not hostile, and are typically described as black humanoid silhouettes with no particular or visible humanoid features, other than body shape. Basically they look and behave like a shadow, but with a life of its own.

Scientific explanations include hallucinations, psychological conditions or Pareidolia - seeing significant image in random or vague imagery.

[Pictures of a alleged Shadow Man]

[Pictures of another alleged Shadow Man]

[Video of a alleged Shadow Man]

9. Black Eyed Kids

This is a very recent phenomena, with sightings only appearing throughout the internet a few years ago. People have reportedly said to encounter kids (or teenagers) who usually appear in front of them out of nowhere. Some of them ask for food or water, while others claim they are lost and ask to be brought home.

Thus, they generally appear to people at their doorsteps or just when the person is about to enter his or her car. Then, they will just repeat their requests and stand and wait for the person.

However, the most terrifying common aspect of these kids are that of their eyes. The eyes are usually described as pitch black, with no irises. Another common aspect is that they will wait to be brought in or invited into your house, similar to legends of vampires unable to enter a house unless invited.

Black Eyed Kids also give off a forebrooding atmosphere which usually leaves the person feeling dreadful after that encounter. All of the people who encountered them feel dark and gloomy and hasten to leave the encounter immediately. Witnesses report that they feel fortunate not to have agreed to the Black Eyed Kids' demands. Who knows what will have happened if they agreed?

Still from the movie Ju On, Copyright of Toei Limited

[More Info]

Some pictures and text in this article are granted permission to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; and as such are reproduced in this article.


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