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Saturday, August 7, 2010

In the Wall, ..Dead Woman

As soon as the geomancer arrived, He instantly noticed that something was "not good" about that living room, so he used some devices (like the fengshui wheel) to gather enough info to discuss the next step. Meanwhile the little boy who behaved so abnormal before moved to the grandparent's house for precaution. The Fengshui master finally decided that the wall between the living room and the dining room (that what was told to me, I don't recall the direct outlook of the apartment) must be torn down. Fair enough, said the boy's father who told the story to Yoshua's family. So after the geomancer left, the friend of Yushuas father decided to call some worker to tear this wall down (If a geomancer says so usually there a no questions asked).

I was telling myself WTF... In capital letters. Well the workers opened up the bag and FOUND A DEAD WOMAN MOORED INTO THE WALL... I mean wtf, this is terrible and beyond comprehension!

The end of the story was that the pre owner of that apartment killed his wife and moored her into the wall, he wanted to sell the apartment as quick as possible and get out of there quickly and that explains the low price of the apartment. The police came later and took him into custody etc.

What is astounding about this story is not the cruel murder that happened; it was the little boy, without him nobody would have even noticed.

Don't ask me what that is, I heard about the third eye that young children possess (the third eye is referred to term of seeing of feeling paranormal activities like ghost, demons, portals etc.) but I never found any truth to this until Yoshua told me that story.

I consider myself a semi-believer now, though at that moment I was really skeptical but I asked my student if he was telling the truth and to be honest he told me some pretty nasty family secrets before this event

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