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Monday, September 6, 2010

Neighbourhood Area of Hungry Ghost Festival in Singapore

The Following would be of some pictures in the Various Neighbourhood Areas of Singapore during the Hungry Ghost Festival

The Below is a Pic around the HDB areas in the Western part of Singapore. Does it look messy?

Come take another Look

There is still more the come

Can you see the Offerings? It is basically Offering to these "GOOD BROTHERS" by the different families of the Neighbourhood sharing this common area together. Each praying for their own family

This will be them in action as a group. Next, lets us move on to other parts of Singapore.

This is at some rual and remote areas of Singapore where the praying and offering is being done. well, although Singapore is very very urbanize, there are still rual and remote areas,  still.

This is at some Multistorey carpark areas of Singapore . Do you find it hard to believe?

This is being done outside the Shop. Can you belive this?

Prayer and Chants sessions in Singapore. Usually is by taoists or buddhist priests or monks.
their prayers and Chants on the 15th of July ( in the Chinese Lunar Calendar) is very critial and essential.

Mass Praying of Singaporeans. I bet many Singaporeans themselves also ever in their life seen this in Singapore if i am not being mistaken.

Outside a Hostel of Singapore . Almost all of singapore you are able to see all this. what you see in this pic is nothing at all !

Most likely the most village island of Singapore, Pular Ubin where the Hungry Ghost Festival is being held. Simple and easy but still following the traditons

All of these Hampers that you see are meant for the Ghosts ! they will be all burnt and offered to the ghosts in Singapore. Oh my , Oh my, there is so much things for them. i am sure the ghosts will return back to hell , rich !

Oh well, in our modern age, Getai performances are also changing with time. tradtionally it is usually singing, puppet shows and Operas. But in the day of today, performances are becoming more and more bold. this is a sexy performance on the Getai to the Ghosts of Singapore. What do you think? is changes for the betteR?

1 comment:

  1. I think the last pic is the most scary pic


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